About the giant masterpiece More, Nils Frahm

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The sheet is only the skeleton of the original, since the echo's and samplers are really missing and essential.
For an adapted version: click

UPDATE Since I posted the sheet (step 2) I had to make a new update. Nils Frahm doesn't play the chord that connects the main pattern. It is 'just' a delay. This came clear by a remark of someone who noticed that it is a tough chord to play properly. The problem is solved: don't play it!

You can see it here:


A sheet without any echo transcribed:

Audio link of the sheet (computer generated).


• First, all I found in that beautiful chaos was this 4 measure pattern... I studied this one too.

• You could try to play the echoes, they don't sound as they are in the original. The echo comes a little earlier, before the beat.

The original (delayed), as an echo:

The sheet, played on the piano:

Another example:

Played on the piano, it comes too early and isn't as it should be:

Or try the echo with more hands:

With two hands:

• I never ever thought I would doubt about a G# major or a C# major, and here I am. How is that possible?