Transcription of 'The Beginning, Ryan Arcand'

Step 1


I made some changes, such as the 'd#' of measure 12, I prefer the c#-d# now.
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The second video you mentioned is not the same piece, he's using other chords there. I prefer the first one too, it's less improvised, more a composition.
In this piece he's using six sharps, including the E#! (I could choose 6 flats including the Cb too).
If you want the sharps on the notes inside the piece instead of next to the clef (the key signature), just let me know.
I think that he says in the beginning: 'The first one is called 'the beginning', so I titled it that way.
I had to choose an end myself, it's a shame that the person who made the video interrupted him before the end!
I'm not sure about measure 12, that 'd-e' sound. It's not a pure d sound, but I can't figger out what he did there exactly. Perhaps we should make it just a d.
You can use the .mus file or .mid file to change things if you want to: How to transcribe.
I prefer clearness in a sheet (see this remark), so I would notate this left hand:
in stead of this, though he's playing it this way:
So, which of the two you want?
I never use slurs and dynamics. The pianist isn't using much of it, is he? I like it that way, so pure. He also plays those ornamentations, measure 6, so perfect, waauw!