Lesson about If I have to go, Tom Waits, piano part

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You can play this music more 'basic' with only fifths in the left hand. About the fifths: https://youtu.be/TE0m9Tverkc?t=2m36s
Keep the first note left hand as it is and just play that note with its fifth:

Or you can play those 'fifth notes' like this:


Download midi


The time signature is a challenge: only in measure 11 a nice 3/4 appears in the pulse of the music. Measures 1 - 10 are hard to write down. They sound as a 3/4 by someone who drunk too much (as the singer, no?). The rhythm pattern in ms 8 - 10 is not really satisfying. Perhaps I should notate three quarter notes with a 'rubato' above.
This song is one of those curious recordings, where you hear notes that aren't really 'played', I mean 'hit on the piano key': as the d left hand in measure 11.
In measure 12 I recognize a 'b3' on the first beat left hand, but with a totally different sound as the b3 on the second beat, which is really 'played'.
This same b is in measure 2. But what about measure 65? I can't hear the b, but it fits perfect.
In the same way I hear two notes in the right hand in measures 35 and 36, but at the same time I find it weird that only there the music would have some extra chord notes.


The original key is F#, using all the black keys. You can switch to F if you want to:

Do you want only the piano part:

Or the notes of the song in it: