Transcription of Solêr, Otto A Totland

Step 1


Otto A Totland made this comment on the YT video: 'The actual recording was pitched one semi note down. When I play this, I start with my left little finger on the A. I think it is easier from there :)'
PDF Link without the flats

Midi Link without the flats


This transcription is made by Gaétan Wittamer.
He used the repeat sign. I prefer to not use the repeat signs all the time: to me a repeat sign is for an eventual repeat, as in: 'you can play this twice, but you don't have to'. As in the Fur Elise, for example: the piece is okay too without the repeats. But in Solêr you can't play it without the repeats, they are part of the composition.
Just my two cents.
PDF Link with repeat signs
PDF Link without repeat signs

Midi Link